Isolation: prison inside prison

Isolation: prison inside prison is a documentary made with Metromuster for the program 30 minuts from the Catalan public television, TV3. It was broadcast on April 7, 2019.

The report addresses the reality of people living in the Special Departments of Closed Regime in Catalan prisons, who may be closed for months in a cell for up to 18 hours a day. It is focused on the story of Raquel E.F., a 36-year-old woman who killed herself after six months of confinement in the prison of Brians 1. Based on her story and interviews with other women who have been in jail, relatives, prison officials, human rights organizations and the public administration, we approach this regime of life that is a prison inside prison.

The project is a production of TV3 and the cooperative Metromuster, co-directed by Sònia Calvó Carrió and João França, with photography direction by Lucía Venero and editing by Xavier Artigas. The team was completed by Xapo OrtegaSílvia Blanco and Roger Sabà.

See the complete documentary on the TV3 website (in Catalan).

Trailer (in Catalan):