The Pink Thread

El Fil Rosa (The Pink Thread) is a documentary that reviews the history of LGBT movements in Barcelona since the celebration of the first demonstration convened by the Gay Liberation Front of Catalonia, on June 26, 1977, until the celebration of the 40 anniversary of that milestone. It was released one year later, in June 2018.

Following the thread of history, we interviewed 18 people who have been part of the queer movements over those four decades to look in perspective on where we came from, what we have achieved, and what challenges do we still have to face nowadays.

Since the history of queer movements is often explained as a history of gay men, we sought to emphasize other often invisible realities. The documentary deals with the creation of the first LGBTQ organizations, the clam for visibility, especially for women and transgender people, the fight to tackle the HIV pandemic, legal claims or the problem of the LGBTphobia still present today.

The document elaboration process has allowed us to generate an oral memory archive that goes far beyond the length of the film and on which we would like to continue working to value these stories of struggle.

El Fil Rosa is a production by Bonobo Films, the Studies Center for the Study of Social Movements of the Pompeu Fabra University and the Plural Journalism Foundation, which had support from the Barcelona City Council. The team was made up of João França as director and screenwriter, Adrià Rodríguez Castelló as screenwriter, Albert Lloreta as film editor, Sandra LázaroVictoria Oliveres and Sònia Calvó Carrió as cameras and Jordi Mir Garcia as historical advisor.

Website of the project (in Catalan).

Photo album by Mar C. Llop of the premiere of the documentary.