Plural Journalism Foundation

Photograph by Carmen Secanella of the presentation of Catalunya Plural at the CCCB.

In 2013, a group of journalists and people concerned about journalism founded the Fundació Periodisme Plural (Plural Journalism Foundation), a non-profit organization devoted to the promotion of independent journalism committed to the defense of social rights. From this platform we promoted several digital media. A general news site, Catalunya Plural, which was the Catalan delegation of until the end of 2017, El Diari de l’Educació, dedicated to the educational community, El Diari del Treball, dedicated to labour issues, and El Diari de la Sanitat, a commitment to create reference media outlet in health issues beyond the medical field.

As part of the foundation’s team, I was a reporter specialized in education, housing, social movements, gender issues and the city of Barcelona. Beyond that, I was dedicated to the development of each of the new media outlets and their implementation from a technical, operational and editorial point of view. In my last stage, until January 2017, I assumed the role of editorial director, in charge of coordinating the newsroom that produced the different sites of the foundation and its strategies. After this I left the team to devote myself to other projects as a freelancer but I joined the board of the foundation, to which I am still linked.

During the time I was part of the team, the Fundació Periodisme Plural and its sites received recognitions such as the media mention of the Solidaritat award, awarded by the Human Rights Institute of Catalonia, or the award of the Municipal Council of the Social Welfare of Barcelona for the first issue of the El Diari de l’Educació print magazine, coordinated by Pau Rodríguez and myself.